When you get your hands on an issue you believe in, it’s easy to forget the other voices in the room. You cannot underestimate the value of opinion and message research.

Gerry Gunster

CEO, Gunster Strategies

We give your vision a voice

At Gunster Strategies, we secure unparalleled research in order to deliver the right strategy, budget, and messages designed to reach your target audience.

Political Strategy

Campaign Development

Federal, State & International Issue Advocacy

Ballot Measures

Corporate Responsibility

In-House Creative Production

Grassroots Activation


Public Affairs

Social Media

Digital Architecture

Why we win

The most effective way to win the public’s trust is by winning their hearts. Meaningful ads evoke emotion and tell a story that reveals the humanity behind a concept, product, or company. Gunster Strategies creates advertising that triggers an emotional connection and inspires action.

 In-house innovation

Our world-renowned creative department gets involved in your project from conception to completion. Gunster Strategies gets the people who ask, “what is ?” in the same room with the people who ask, “what if ?”

Winning research

We invest in research to learn about what entices demographics, boosts CTR, and validates your brand. We don’t just speak to your audience – we leverage research to understand your audience.

“The [Gunster] team’s moves are MASTERFUL.”

John Della Volpe, Chief Executive of SocialSphere Inc., The Boston Globe

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