“Powerhouse political consultants.”

The New York Times

You have to learn who your audience is; understand their motivations, desires, hopes, and trepidations. Only then can you carve out the right message from that block of information.

Gerry Gunster

CEO, Gunster Strategies

Who We Are

Gunster Strategies is an award-winning public affairs firm that specializes in managing CSR, state, federal, and international issue advocacy campaigns.

We’ve mastered the art of intersecting the interests of our clients with the self-interests of politicians and constituents. That’s the power behind our winning record on some of the most important campaigns in the world.

We have the scale.
Whether global, regional, or country-level, Gunster Strategies has the resources to take on your issue. From global nuclear non-proliferation, presidential campaigns, and health care issues, to corporate social responsibility, global reputation of countries, and multi-national corporations, the Gunster Strategies team has the resources and capabilities to help you win.

We are creative.
Gunster Strategies has a full-service, in-house creative team. Our content strategists, copywriters, and art directors are involved in your campaign from the very beginning. Everything our creative department produces is grounded in research, debated, tested, polished, and fine-tuned.

We are discreet.
Our work is about you, not about us.

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